The name L’Antico Ritrovo has a unique history, which is lost in the mists of time. This old farmhouse was, in fact, a meeting point for the peasant families of the area, especially in during the beautiful summer evenings, after a day spent working in the fields. The strategic position of this place, that is located on the top of a hillside, made it a suitable place to freshen up and “wake up” in a world without TV or Social Media. And, it is precisely by hanging on to this long tradition that the Lanini Family has created a farmhouse in this place where the guests can meet the beauty and the culture of this  amazing corner of Tuscany. As a matter of fact, from this strategic position you can easily reach some tourist attractions such as the city of Siena, but also Asciano, Rapolano Terme, Montalcino, Val D’Orcia and the Chianti. The apartments are all cared for in details, they have the names of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and they all have their private bathrooms. The outside area has a relaxation point with parasols and deck chairs, especially thought and created for those who want to enjoy the pure air of the countryside.