The Caseificio la Fonte was born in the ’60s in a place with a great food and wine tradition, in the heart of the Crete Senesi. An activity that has always focused on quality, trying to enhance as much as possible the milk from local farms. The Pace family has been guiding the dairy since the beginning, for a story that spans three generations.

Today, the dairy continues to work in a completely artisan way. Recently, the production has moved into a large structure capable of working up to 30 thousand liters of milk a day, where the most innovative technologies are combined with the secrets of tradition.

The products? A wide range of sheep cheeses, mixed and specialty with cow’s milk at different degrees of ripeness. There are also two new product lines, one with milk exclusively from farms located in the province of Siena (Nobile Latte di Siena and Fieno Latte di Siena) and the other with raw milk.