In Piazza Garibaldi, one of the main squares of the city, the new sign stands out: an M, by Menchetti, a Tuscan company with a long history that has made respect for tradition and craftsmanship a philosophy.

The Menchetti Point of Asciano, born where until a few years ago stood the historic Bar Hervé, conquers its customers for the scent of its freshly baked pizzas and for the sweetness of its cakes. The ideal place to stop for a delicious breakfast or for a quick stop, alone or in company.

During the beautiful days, you can also sit in the many tables located outside the diner, in the square, and enjoy the fresh air while you taste one of the many creations of Menchetti, where the flavors of tradition meet the taste and needs of even the most modern customers.

From Menchetti there is also bread of different types, baked every day hot and fragrant, as well as pastries, desserts of the Sienese tradition and, as already mentioned, the famous pizza.