Pastasciano products are born from that grain immortalized in many photographs, which grows luxuriant among the Crete Senesi. An area that, since ancient times, is suitable for the excellence of the quality of durum wheat. Within the Pastasciano Consortium there are 5 companies in the area, which are dedicated to their work in compliance with a strict disciplinary, to maintain high nutritional quality and richness of flavor.

Among the particularities of Pastasciano, there is that of being a paste of ancient grains selected “Cappelli”, a variety among the strongest and resistant that does not need chemical treatments and that, over time, has never undergone technical or genetic alterations. Pastasciano is therefore characterized by:


  • High content of proteins and fiber
  • High digestibility
  • Absent cholesterol
  • No irradiate by mutation
  • No OGM
  • Pleasant and full-bodied taste
  • 100% from Italian seed
  • 100% cultivated in Crete Ascianesi

40 different types of pasta to choose from, to give taste and quality to every recipe